Directorates / Offices


Responsible for protecting copyright and related rights. It resolves contentious/adversary and non-contentious/non-adversary cases in the first instance, that have been submitted to its jurisdiction as a complaint filed by one of the parties to the action or at the request of the judge’s own accord. It administrates the National Registry of Copyright and Related Rights, as well as the incorporation documents or amendments of copyright collective agencies or societies. 

Its function is to ascertain and resolve, in the first administrative instance, the applications for invention patents, patents for utility models, industrial designs, protection certificates, collective knowledge of indigenous communities, integrated circuits and certificates to obtain new vegetable varieties. It is also in charge of resolving contentious/adversary proceedings derived from the Registry this Office administrates.

This Office is in charge of the Registry of Trademarks, Names, Commercial Slogans and Designations of Origin.  It also resolves, at the first administrative instance, objections to a registration, deregistrations, as well as complaints on violation of industrial property rights.