About Indecopi

The National Institute for the Defense of Free Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) was founded in November 1992 through Executive Order 25868.

Its function is to promote the market and protect the rights of consumers. It also encourages in the Peruvian economy a culture of fair and honest competition, holding harmless all forms of intellectual property — from trademarks and author’s copyright to patents and biotechnology.

Indecopi is a specialized public agency attached to the Office of the Prime Minister, with independent legal status of internal public law. As such, it enjoys functional, technical, economic, budgetary and administrative autonomy (Executive Order 1033).

As a result of its work in promoting the standards of fair and honest competition among the agents of the Peruvian economy, Indecopi is perceived today as a service institution with a strong concern in fostering a culture of equality in order to achieve full satisfaction among its customers — citizens, entrepreneurs and the State.